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Using Core Values to Boost Your Business Success and Satisfaction

Regardless of your profession, in today's marketplace, you are the CEO of your career, not your employer! You need to choose your career path and continually develop yourself. Knowing which direction to take and how to get there includes understanding your values and how they impact your performance.


Workshop Requirements

To take this professional development course, you must complete an online Values Assessment 5 days prior to the start. Participants receive: (1) A graphical report of their values. (2) A step-by-step Workbook with resources to deepen and accelerate learning. By exploring your graphical report, you will learn:


  • How your unique Core Values, Blind Spots, Hot Buttons affect your communications, relationships and performance
  • Techniques for: 1) reducing miscommunications that break trust 2)reducing the dangers of over-using your strengths 3)strengthening the habits that support high performance 4)reducing the ineffective habits that hinder your progress
  • Sources of job satisfaction to inform career moves

Workshop Duration

This is a one day seminar.


Seminar Schedule

This workshop is currently scheduled for Feb. 20th. To find out more please call SVPTI at 408-436-3000 or send request to To register click on the link below:

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