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Software Testing Fundamentals for Developers

Software is a "Big Business" and the costs to assure product quality takes a "Big Slice" from the "Profit Bottom Line". It has been forecasted that in 2013, the global software market will have a value of US$ 457 billion, an increase of 50.5% since 2008. A "National Institute of Standards and Technology" (NIST) study showed that in a typical software development project, fully 80% of software development dollars are spent correcting software defects. The study also estimated that software defects cost the U.S. economy, alone, $60 billion per year, with more than half of the cost borne by end users and the remainder by developers and vendors. Improvements in software testing could reduce this cost by about a third, or $22.5 billion. This intensive one day seminar is an overview; but with comprehensive information to provide the target audience – software professionals and management who are involved in the assuring of software product quality; a solid foundation for understanding software testing, and a rich set of working knowledge for practicing effective and better software testing strategy. The main topics to be covered are:

  • Introduction to Software Testing:
  • Software Testing in the Product Development Life Cycle
  • Software Testing purposes
  • Software Testing fundamentals
  • Software Testing Life cycle:
  • The bug pool
  • A typical current test life cycle
  • The test types
  • The test process
  • Software Testing for Developers:
  • Development Testing Approaches
  • Static Analysis
  • White Box Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • Software Testing Strategies:
  • Strategy for maximizing of ROI for testing
  • Testing from customer usage point of view
  • Testing of error prone modules
  • Leverage Escaped Defects RCA results
  • Partnership for the Test Process
  • Software Testing Management:
  • When to stop testing
  • How to measure the test effectiveness

Seminar Duration

This is a one day seminar.


Seminar Schedule

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