Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute


Essential Soft Skills for Engineers

Soft skills are essentially people skills -- the non-technical, intangible, personality-specific skills that determine your strengths as a leader, listener, negotiator, and conflict mediator. "Hard" skills, on the other hand, are more along the lines of what might appear on your resume -- your education, experience and level of expertise. The ideal, of course, is someone strong in both job and personal skills. The real key to success in any job is making your soft skills and hard skills complement each other. This course will teach important skills to communicate effectively like making technical presentations, how to write technical papers or proposals, conducting effective meetings, setting priorities, be a team player, how to develop leadership skills, and dealing with stress at work. List of topics covered in this seminar includes:

  • Soft (Non Technical) Skills defined, examples
  • Speaking effectively
  • Writing technical papers
  • Effective Listening
  • Decision Making
  • Setting Priorities
  • Working in Teams
  • Leadership Skills
  • Dealing with Job Stress

Seminar Duration

This is a one day seminar.


Seminar Schedule

Please check the CalPT calendar for schedule or contact CalPT at To register please call CalPT at 408-436-3000 or send request to