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Smart Power Grid Fundamentals

The Smart Grid is a bi-directional electric and communication network that improves the reliability, security, and efficiency of the electric system for small to large-scale generation, transmission, distribution, and storage. It includes software and hardware applications for dynamic, integrated, and interoperable optimization of electric system operations, maintenance, and planning; distributed generation, interconnection and integration; and feedback and controls at the consumer level. This course will present a vision and roadmap of the Smart Grid, and discuss its five key areas: Sensing and Measurement, Advanced Control Methods, Improved Interfaces and Decision Support, Advanced Components and Integrated Communication. This is followed by the three key areas to achieve Smart Grid success: its Architecture, Communications and Technology. The rest of the course will focus on some of the Hardware, Software and Materials technologies for the smart grid. The main topics to be covered are:

  • Smart Grid Introduction
  • Smart Grid Definition, and Vision
  • Three important elements towards achieving SM:
  • Architecture
  • Communications
  • Technology
  • Five key Technology Areas of the Smart Grid Sensing and Measurement:
  • Advanced Control Methods
  • Improved interfaces and Decision Support
  • Advanced Components
  • Integrated Communication
  • Advanced Technologies for the Smart Grid
  • Hardware:
  • Meters, sensors, motors, transformers, power electronics, mobile devices
  • Software:
  • Energy management, asset management, power system monitoring and control, distribution/substation automation, load management, integrated enterprise software
  • Materials:
  • Advanced cables, high temperature superconductors, energy storage
  • Smart Grid implementation at home, at work, and in smart cities

Seminar Duration

This is a half day seminar.


Seminar Schedule

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