Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute


3D Packaging Technology and Applications

This one day seminar explores various 3D packaging technologies, trends, and applications. This seminar is intended for designers, product and project application personnel, managers and technologists interested in understanding this exciting and growing technology.A brief outline of topics covered are as follows:

  • Introduction to 3D Packaging Technologies
  • 3D Integration: Brief history, Definition, Scope
  • Why 3D?
  • TSV: Process, Application, Players, Market, Cost
  • Silicon/glass Interposer: Process, Application, Players, Market, Cost
  • Interpose Approach-2.5D: Pros/Cons, Selection Guideline
  • 3D integration Infrastructure: Bonding, Thinning, Handling
  • 3D-IC Approach
  • 3D Challenges
  • Summary

Seminar Duration

This is a one day seminar.


Seminar Schedule

Please check the CalPT calendar for schedule or contact CalPT at To register please call CalPT or send request to