Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute


IC Layout Design & Verification

The most comprehensive IC Layout training programs in the industry, this course explores nm scale semiconductor process technologiesand covers Custom Analog, Digital, and Mixed-Signal layout skills. Instructors are seasoned engineers with deep understanding of physical design; class assignments and practice examples are realistic and are taken from actual design projects. Duration of the program is 24 weeks and if needed extra sessions are added at no extra cost. Course graduates may be offered internship so they can continue working on assignments and improving skills as they explore job market.


Course Duration

Duration of this course is 20 weeks and consists of 2 programs each one 12 weeks long. The first part of the program is intended to strengthen and build the students fundamentals, while the 2nd part is focused toward building sought-after industry-proven skills. Classes are held 2 sessions per week. Training duration per week consists of about 4-6 hours of instructor based training combined by about 6-4 hours of self practice for a total of about 10 hours per week. Tuition Fee for this 6 month course is $5700 and includes:

  • 20 weeks of instructor-ed classroom, or online, and hands-on training
  • Extensive class notes
  • Certification


Course Schedule

New classes start every month. For schedule and to register contact SVPTI at info @ or call 408-436-3000.


SVPTI Advantages:

  • Industry Seasoned Instructors
  • Small classes of less than 5 students for maximum learning experience
  • Subject are tailored to student needs
  • Flexible Schedule
  • 20 weeks of instructor-lead hands-on training
  • Extensive class notes
  • Certification
  • Free Career Consultation









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