Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute


LabView for Automated Test & Measurements

This course is developed around using National Instrument’s LabVIEW software and intends to teach students how to configure a wide variety of measurement, signal generation, RF, power, and switch modules in NI LabVIEW and other software to meet their specific test and measurement tasks.


Course Duration

Duration of this course is 12 weeks with classes being held 2 sessions per week. In some cases 2 sessions are combined into one for convenience of students. Training duration per week consists of about 4-6 hours of instructor based training combined by about 6-4 hours of self practice for a total of about 10 hours per week. Tuition Fee for the course includes:

  • 12 weeks of instructor based class room and hands-on training
  • Extensive class notes
  • Certification

Course Schedule

For more information and to register please contact SVPTI at Tel: 408-436-3000 or email at



















Key Words:

Identifying the steps in the software development method, Defining a problem, Designing an algorithm, flowchart, or state transition, diagram, Preparing for implementation, testing, and maintenance of applications , Designing a user interface (LabVIEW front panel), Choosing data types and displaying data as a plot , Using structures like the While loops and for loops, Adding software timing to your code, Making decisions in your code using case, structures, Documenting your code , Plug-in DAQ devices – typical hardware, characteristics, Data acquisition in LabVIEW – software, architectures, Simulating a DAQ device, Performing analog input and output, Counters, Performing digital input and output , Single loop architectures – simple VI, general VI, and the state machine design patterns, Multiple loop architectures – parallel loop VI, the master/slave, and the producer/consumer design, patterns, Parallelism, Adding timing to a design pattern, VI server architecture, Property nodes, Control references, Invoke nodes, LabView