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Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute, Inc.(SVPTI), dba California Polytechnic Institute (CalPT) , and Silicon Valley Academy, is a leading provider of high-quality training programs for working professionals seeking to enhance their skills, employment, and fulfilling their careers in the industry. is a leading provider of certificate training programs for skill development, workforce re-engineering, and continuous education. SVPTI is founded based of decades of high-level educational and professional experience in dynamic Silicon Valley industry and prestigious world-class universities. CalPT intends to achieve its mission by offering highly useful non-degree certificate and diploma programs using industry-driven, focused and advanced curricula, a high level of student-instructor interaction, small class sizes and highly qualified faculty with years of direct industry experience.

SVPTI also offers Career Guidance/Job Placement assistance including:

Career Guidance: Assist students in exploring and researching current labor market/trends. Based on individuals background, needs and research, determine appropriate training plan including identifying classes to make students more employable.

Job Placement: SVPTI does not provide and/or guarantee jobs. Instead SVPTI will mentor and develop individuals on personal and professional levels in order to obtain employment. Develop job search skills and strategies (networking, hidden job market, locating hiring manager, etc.). Critique and customize resumes. Coach clients on effective interviewing skills. One-on-one job search guidance when needed.

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Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute is an equal opportunity employer


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