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Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute (SVPTI) is a leading provider of professional certificate training programs for organizations and working professionals seeking to enhance their skills, employment, and fulfilling their careers in the industry. SVPTI advantages include Flexible Schedules for working professionals, Student to Instructor ratio of less than 3/1, and Live Online Programs.

SVPTI offers Career Guidance assistance including:

Assist students in exploring and researching current labor market/trends. Based on individuals background, needs and research, determine appropriate training plan including identifying classes to make students more employable. Critique and customize resumes.

We welcome and accept: Corporate Tuition Reimbursement, Workers Compensation, California Training Benefit (CTB), Trade Adjustment Act (TAA), Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Vocational Rehab, and more...

Tel: 408-436-3000, Email:


SVPTI Advantages:

  • Industry centered curriculum
  • Seasoned Instructors
  • Small classes of less than 3-5 students for maximum learning experience
  • Subject are often tailored to student needs
  • Extensive instructor-lead hands-on training
  • Comprehensive class notes
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Certification
  • Career Consultation





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